WHOIS Protection with LadySoalPR.com

Domain ID Protection is most likely the suitable service for everyone who would like to continue to keep their private information non–public. With the WHOIS protection service offered by LadySoalPR.com, you can be sure that the personal information is certainly secure and safe and that no person is ever to look at it.
Simply by inserting a system mailbox in the Whois contact details, we’ll take care of all the arriving e–mails and pass through only essential announcements just like transfer permission queries. By doing so, you’ll not be upset by spammers or any kind of individuals that intend to violate your privacy.

Whois Protection–eligible TLDs

We are unable to offer WHOIS protection for all the domain names. That is the limit made by the organization accountable for managing the precise TLD at the highest level. By reason of this no more but a few domain names are WHOIS protection–eligible:
The supported TLDs are: .com, .net, .org, .we.bs, .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv & .cc.

SSL Certificates

Get SSL certificates straight from your CP

An SSL certificate encrypts the connection between your clients and your web store and tells everybody that it is a reliable place to buy from. You would normally get an SSL certificate from a 3rd–party vendor. However, with LadySoalPR.com, you can request one straight through your Control Panel.

Simply go to the SSL Certificates menu and decide whether you need a traditional SSL certificate or a wildcard SSL certificate. After that request an activation and we’ll perform everything else for you in a flash.

SSL Certificates

Domain Parking

Domain name parking done easy to understand

If you have to park a domain name, you’ll be able to quickly do so with our Domain Parking tool. At any given time, you will be able to easily point your domain name to our two domain parking templates – Under Construction and For Sale. The domain name will be parked momentarily. You will be able to park as many domains as you want!

In order to personalize the domain parking templates, you may also use custom images and messages.

Domain Parking

Quick WHOIS Control

WHOIS management designed effortless

When registering a domain, you will be required to furnish correct and up–to–the–minute domain registration info, regardless of whether you are a person or a corporation. This is the reason why, you’ll have to update your WHOIS records whenever necessary. Nevertheless, not all top–level domain name extensions support this feature by default, so first check for this option prior to attempting a WHOIS update.

Via the Domain Manager in your Control Panel, you can change the registrant, technical and administrative contact information for one or multiple domains simultaneously. All the modifications that you make will be updated online straight away!

Quick WHOIS Control

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